about Budget Europe and its creators

This version of Budget Europe is Upact’s the third budget game. The first was Begroot je Rijk, an online game about the Dutch National Budget. The second was the first version of Budget Europe in 2008. The game idea is based on the penny poll that peace activists in the United States used to raise awareness on the size of the U.S. defense budget. By asking people to make the budget themselves, they are stimulated to think about what the posts mean, and what they think about them.

To use the features of the site optimally, teachers can register by sending an email to budgeteurope@upact.nl or contact Upact via the contact page.

Budget Europe was developed by Upact and is supported by a financial contribution from NCDO and Kerk en Wereld.


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Upact strives for sustainable peace. To reach this goal we create innovative tools and projects to reach, involve and activate young people on conflict-related themes. We inspire them to use their influence to bring about peace. In recent years our successful projects were thousands of young people aware of the problems associated with conflict and reconstruction. We rely on our broad expertise in youth participation, (online) campaigning and serious gaming. Our products are mainly distributed through online platforms and educational projects.

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NCDO stands for National Committee for International Cooperation and Sustainable Development. NCDO involves people in the Netherlands in international cooperation and supports them with information and advice. The MDGs are the hallmark of all activities. These goals were agreed by 189 countries in 2000 in order to halve global poverty by 2015.

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Kerk and Wereld initiates and funds projects at the interface of religion and society. This is done through grants to some solid partners and many large and small initiatives in the country. Church and World links the subsidy to a fixed number of themes.