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Why do I have to divide the money over these budgetary items?

These items are taken from the original budget of the EU. The EU divides its money on the six items that you see in the inner ring in the game (or rather five, counting the EU Citizenship and Freedom, security and justice as one post). These items cover the items in the inner ring.

Why do I have to divide all the money before I can submit?

The total amount of money (100 billion) represents a one hundred percent completed budget. It is impossible to compare your budget with the real EU budget if you do not have all the money distributed.

Why can I not put more than € 70 billion (70%) on an item?

We want the game to be played seriously. In the EU budget for 2011 the highest expenditure item is 36%.
We have set the limit at 70% for three reasons:

  •     We think a division in which one item gets more than 70% is unrealistic
  •     We don't want players to put all their money in one item
  •     With scores above 70% is difficult to display a comparison of the budgets

How much is one billion euros in the game in reality?

The total EU budget for 2011 was € 142 billion. One billion euros in the game is actually 1% of that, i.e. € 1.42 billion.

Can I exchange notes and coins for smaller quantities?

No, you have to play the game with the given distribution of banknotes and coins. You can retrieve money from the boxes and see if you can swap 10 billion as against 2 stacks of 5 billion euros.


EU budget

How large is the EU budget?

The total volume of EU expenditure in 2011 is estimated at € 142 billion.

How much is one percent of the EU budget?

The total EU spending in 2011 is estimated at € 142 billion. One percent therefore corresponds with approximately € 1.42 billion.


Why do I have to register to be able to save my budget?

We want to allow people to compare their budget with the budget of all other participants, but also those of their friends. This is only possible if users are registered.

What will you do with my data?

The details of your budget will be kept by us and are linked to your email address. This information will never be made available to third parties. The data of participating students can be seen by their teachers.